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How To Migrate A Podcast Over To Castmate

May 31st, 2013 by Andrew Smales

Since I’ve had 2 people ask about this today, I finally wrote up a proper thing on the steps to move a podcast over to Castmate (instead of typing out something similar to this every time someone asks haha!) Here it is, let me know if you have any Qs on it or want to move your podcast over:

So, the process for moving a podcast to Castmate is fairly straightforward. The fast tl;dr version is:

  • 1. Start a Castmate account.
  • 2. Get us to run the script that will make copies of all your older episodes.
  • 3. Set up a redirect at your old hosting place.

And here is the info, a little more in depth:
1. You need a Castmate account of course. You can get one here:

2. Then, let me know what your username is, and where your current podcast is (the RSS url), and I can run the script that will grab all your current episodes and make a copy on our server.

You probably know, but that’s free, you won’t be charged for the space your old episodes take up. (Which by the way is a pretty good deal! To give you an idea, we recently migrated a podcast over, for free, that another popular podcast host had told would cost $310, YOUCH.)

- Now you need to fill out 2 really short forms on our site (podcast name, title, description, etc) here:

3. Now all that is left is to add a <itunes:new-feed-url> tag to your old feed at your current host. We can help you with this if you don’t know how, so ask us if you’re having trouble.

This will make the iTunes directory update the feed they are checking for your podcast, and it will also alert your subscribers iTunes (and similar apps) that you have a new RSS address, and they’ll update their settings automatically.

At that point, everything should be set (as long as your old host isn’t holding your RSS feed hostage or anything), and your listeners shouldn’t even notice any disruption at all! In fact, and I’m going to brag here a bit, we’ve only had feedback from listeners on this once: One podcaster switched to us a few months ago, and told me that during the first week, 3 listeners mention to him how much faster episodes were downloading (the server he was using before us was throttling the download speed, eww.)

Your Podcast’s RSS Feed Belongs To You, Not Your Hosting Company (Info On Redirects)

May 25th, 2013 by Andrew Smales

Someone, who recently started a podcast with Castmate, just emailed with a great question, that I’ve actually been meaning to write about.

Their question was: “If I use Castmate, and then switch to another provider sometime down the line, how much control do I have over my RSS feed. Will I lose control, is there any way I could redirect it?”

The answer is: You have full control over your RSS feed. If you want to switch to another hosting solution down the line, we will follow Apple’s recommended procedures, of putting a itunes:new-feed-url¬†tag in your feed, as well as a 301 redirect, and we will leave those in place forever. (more…)

The One Most Important Feature To Look For In A Podcast Host

May 17th, 2013 by Andrew Smales

The headline to this article might seem like I’m going to say something that is amazingly biased towards Castmate, but have no fear, that’s not it. Choosing a podcast host whose name rhymes with “Rastmate” isn’t the most important thing – that only just breaks the top 10 :)

In all seriousness, there is one feature that is vitally important to running a podcast: Unlimited bandwidth. You shouldn’t even consider running a podcast if whatever hosting solution you choose doesn’t provide this, and let me explain why:

First of all, let me just explain bandwidth for those who might not be familiar: Bandwidth is a way of measuring internet traffic. Every time someone downloads an episode of your podcast, it uses bandwidth. The bigger your podcast files, the more bandwidth they use. The more people who listen to your podcast, the more bandwidth it uses. If 1000 people listen to your podcast, it will use double the bandwidth than if 500  people listen.

Okay, so why is this vital? It’s simple: (more…)

How to get your podcast listed on iTunes

May 17th, 2013 by Andrew Smales

So, having explained this to someone tonight for probably the 10th time this year, I decided to write this entry. I am sure other people have questions about this, and hopefully it helps.

When you start a podcast, it’s extremely valuable to get it listed in the iTunes Store. It helps random people discover it, and it also lets you say stuff like “Just look up [YOUR PODCAST TITLE] on iTunes” instead of giving a web address. That can be especially useful when you’re a guest on other podcasts.

What confuses some people though is that Apple have 2 things named iTunes: The iTunes Store, where they list all the podcasts, and iTunes the program, which you can use to listen to podcasts. And what doesn’t help, confusion-wise, is that you usually use iTunes, the program, to get to the iTunes, the store.

The iTunes Store of course sells music and TV shows and movies, but it also lists podcasts, in a big directory. When you say “I want to get my podcast on iTunes“, this is what you mean: you want to get in this directory. You still need to host your files somewhere, the iTunes Store doesn’t actually store any podcast files. They simply provide a big directory. (And obviously, I’d recommend Castmate as a host!) (more…)

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