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The New Embedded Podcast Player

June 25th, 2013 by Andrew Smales

We just changed the default embedded player that is linked from your podcast page ( ). The new player should be a lot nicer than the previous default one, and should also play a bit nicer with some layouts, so if you’re embedding
your podcast into WordPress or something, this may help. The one thing about it is, it’s still a bit wider than some people might want, so there is also a compact, thinner version of it.

So, what better way to show it off, than to actually embed an episode right here, right? So here it is:

And here is the compact version:

We also have some cool beta standalone versions of these (just add &sa=1 to the url), and some other new ones. Check these out:

Standalone Player

Standalone Compact Player

A beta version player that may still change

Same thing, but with your iTunes image as the page background. (looks a bit gaudy with some images, as you can see!)



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