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Your Podcast’s RSS Feed Belongs To You, Not Your Hosting Company (Info On Redirects)

May 25th, 2013 by Andrew Smales

Someone, who recently started a podcast with Castmate, just emailed with a great question, that I’ve actually been meaning to write about.

Their question was: “If I use Castmate, and then switch to another provider sometime down the line, how much control do I have over my RSS feed. Will I lose control, is there any way I could redirect it?”

The answer is: You have full control over your RSS feed. If you want to switch to another hosting solution down the line, we will follow Apple’s recommended procedures, of putting a itunes:new-feed-urlĀ tag in your feed, as well as a 301 redirect, and we will leave those in place forever.

Locking users into staying with our service is something we do not believe in at all. When someone spends hours to write, interview, edit, produce, record, etc, a podcast, that podcast belongs to them, and that includes control over where it is stored. If you have put in enormous amounts of effort to gain subscribers, no hosting company has any right to try and hold you hostage by not redirecting your audience to your new RSS feed.

I hope that is clear enough! Castmate’s goal is to be the most podcaster-friendly service possible, and I actually regret not making a bigger point of this earlier. Freedom to control your RSS feed is something I’ve meant to write up on our website for a while, and just haven’t gotten around to, I’ll change the front page this weekend.

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