Editing, Transcription and Captioning for Podcasts or Videos

Great Podcast Editing Is Vital, but Hard.

Castmate has been helping podcasters since 2011, so we understand that editing is the worst part of podcasting.

When you upload your raw audio, our editors will do all the technical stuff, like removing "ums" and "ahs", fixing audio level issues, add ID3 tags and more.

If you need original theme and interstitial music to really distinguish your podcast, we can also provide that.

Editing alone costs $1/recorded minute, with a standard 48 hour turnaround time (rush options available.) Get in touch to discuss the process, or get the ball rolling.

Podcast Transcripts Multiply Your Audience.

Podcasts with transcriptions available on the web pick up new listeners much faster than those without. A typical one-hour podcast episode might contain from 5,000 to 10,000 words, and usually contains all sorts of words and phrases that your target audience is searching for on the web every day. By posting a transcript, you give them the chance to find your podcast.

Time and again, we've seen podcasts add transcripts, and then watched their growth angle sharply upwards. This is such an easy, smart way to grow your podcast, and our standard service costs $1/recorded minute.

Closed Captioning Increases Youtube Watch Time and Audience Retention.

So many people watch videos with closed captions turned on (check out this WIRED article for the reasons why they do this).

By having well-formatted, accurate captions, people are going to watch your entire video, and come back to your channel more often - which will of course boost your stats and make Youtube's algorithms love you.

Castmate will caption your videos accurately - a human is going to do this, not a computer - for $1/recorded minute, with a 48 hour turnaround (rush option available).

Concentrate on Your Content.

Get in touch using our contact form, or if you prefer, email us with questions, or to set up a no-pressure call.