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How to get your podcast listed on iTunes

May 17th, 2013 by Andrew Smales

So, having explained this to someone tonight for probably the 10th time this year, I decided to write this entry. I am sure other people have questions about this, and hopefully it helps.

When you start a podcast, it’s extremely valuable to get it listed in the iTunes Store. It helps random people discover it, and it also lets you say stuff like “Just look up [YOUR PODCAST TITLE] on iTunes” instead of giving a web address. That can be especially useful when you’re a guest on other podcasts.

What confuses some people though is that Apple have 2 things named iTunes: The iTunes Store, where they list all the podcasts, and iTunes the program, which you can use to listen to podcasts. And what doesn’t help, confusion-wise, is that you usually use iTunes, the program, to get to the iTunes, the store.

The iTunes Store of course sells music and TV shows and movies, but it also lists podcasts, in a big directory. When you say “I want to get my podcast on iTunes“, this is what you mean: you want to get in this directory. You still need to host your files somewhere, the iTunes Store doesn’t actually store any podcast files. They simply provide a big directory. (And obviously, I’d recommend Castmate as a host!) (more…)

Linode vs. Digital Ocean – Which VPS should you get?

April 15th, 2013 by Andrew Smales

I wrote an update post to this, however, it doesn’t replace this article, it’s simply a 6 month update on what’s new with Linode and Digitalocean. If you’re only going to read one of the posts, I’d probably stick with this one.

UPDATE: After the great response to this review, I’ve decided to also do a review in the near future on Chunkhost, an up and coming VPS place with a very good rep. Subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed, or check back soon if you want to see that, and let me know if you have any feedback on Linode, Digital Ocean or Chunkhost!

Okay, so even though this is a podcast hosting site, I am going to use this blog to provide some information that might be interesting to people running startups and other websites. The fact is, most people running podcasts have at least a basic website to go with it, and many have more substantial web presences. I’m actually writing an article very soon about the benefits of having a podcast for startups, I have some thoughts on that, that I don’t think have really been written about that much before.

So, as far as the question of Linode versus DigitalOcean: Both of these companies are VPS providers. A VPS is a Virtual Private Server, which is basically the step between getting a $10/month shared web hosting account (from somewhere like Dreamhost), or a dedicated server. I’m not looking to define which of these three choices you need: I personally love using the latter two choices, and I think a VPS is usually a nice step up from shared hosting accounts. This is just going to be a quick summary of my thoughts on the Linode vs DigitalOcean choice, which I’ve seen come up a few times lately.

Linode has been around for a while now, and is trusted and loved by a lot of tech savvy nerd types. Linode seems so dominant that when they make a change, people submit it to Hacker News (a popular site for startup-related news) as if it’s taken for granted that most people know and use Linode. (more…)

Welcome to the new Castmate blog.

April 15th, 2013 by Andrew S

Okay, so we had a blog here previously, but I’ll admit, I did a pretty terrible job of updating it. There were only 4 entries (shameful!), and I didn’t like the look, so I decided to change the design of it. Then, somehow, the whole WordPress install got all janked up because of the combination of installing the new theme and changing the url for the blog (from to

I spent 10 minutes trying to fix it, when I realized: Those 4 posts were not so good! So I just installed this whole new thing. Did I have to make a post about it? No! But I did.

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