Designed to be simple

The whole point of Castmate is to make podcasting easy. You don't have to worry about creating RSS feeds, hosting files, or other technical annoyances.

We make every part of managing a podcast easy. Creating your mp3s, uploading them, everything.

Not sure how to get your podcast added to the iTunes Store? We make that simple and painless too.

Built to be powerful

Don't let the simplicity of Castmate fool you, it can handle the busiest podcasts, and offers all the features you need to run a professional, smooth podcast in 2015.

Your episodes are mirrored on several cloud servers, and spread out geographically, for maximum availability and speed.

Castmate is the perfect choice for smaller podcasts, but when you become megapopular, don't worry, we're ready for it.

Already have podcast hosting?

It's easy to switch over to Castmate. You can move all your old episodes over, for free, and it won't count against your plan.

We want to make switching as easy as possible, so we've set up an automated method of moving your podcast over. We'll do all the work for you. If you prefer to do it yourself, that's fine too, it still won't count towards your plan.

Fantastic Stats

Our advanced statistics system lets you know how many people are listening, where they're located, when they listen, and much more. If it's trackable, we are tracking it.

Statistics are one of the most interesting and important aspects of a podcast, (as well as one of the most fun), so we give you all the info you can handle.

(See an example).


We provide unique features to let your listeners get in touch with you.

We let you go beyond just email by letting your listeners phone a 1-800 number and leave voicemail for you, or record a voice message for you using their browser.

These messages are easy for you to listen to, download, or integrate into your next episode.

Try Castmate For Free

All of our plans have a risk-free 30-day free trial. Cancel anytime.

Start using Castmate today.

No Lock-in

Try Castmate first. If you don't like us, we won't try to keep your business by making it hard to leave.

We give you full control over your RSS feed, forever. If you stop using Castmate, we will redirect your subscribers to your new feed. Your podcast subscribers belong to you, just like all the other parts of your podcast.

Great support

We provide fast, useful tech support. If something isn't working for you, or you have a question, just let us know, we'll get it sorted.

We also provide a number of clear tutorials designed to get you up and running. These cover all aspects of running a podcast, from choosing a mic onwards, so don't worry if you are a complete beginner to podcasting.

A website for your podcast

Don't have time to build a website for your podcast? No problem, each plan comes with a site for your podcast, complete with embedded audio players and full statistics on who listens through them. We also provide stats on who visits your page.

Want to add your own domain name to your site, or 3rd party analytics? That's no problem either. (read more)

Plans to suit every podcast

Simple pricing based on your usage. Our plans start at free and go upward from there. (read more)



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